Arrival at Skopje airport. Meet and greet with our cicerone and throughout guide for the whole tour. Transfer to our hotel in Skopje. Accommodation, free time and overnight.

After Breakfast in the morning we’ll have a transfer to the Old part of Skopje. First, we will visit the Kale fortress, then the Old Bazaar, which is the second biggest in the world, after the one in Istanbul, the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, the church of St. Savior, the Kapan Han, Chifte Hammam and other unique spots. The group will enjoy a stroll in the narrow cobblestone streets filled with lots of artisan shops and oriental tastes (we kindly suggest visiting the Archaeology Museum afterwards). Coming out of the old bazaar and crossing the 15th century Stone Bridge, we will gaze on the central square with its imposing fountain monument of Alexander the Great. Follows a visit of the memorial house of Mother Theresa afterwards. We’ll then make a pause for lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon we will visit St. Panteleimon monastery, a 12th centrury Bizantine church where the highlight is the famous fresco “The Lamentation of Christ”. According to Andrew Graham-Dixon, a British art historian and writer, these frescoes with their „…physical, electric presence…” are proof that there was more to Byzantine art than the formality and otherworldliness of its mosaic and icon tradition. In his book, Graham-Dixon questions 16th century Vasari’s beliefs that Giotto di Bondone finally turned fresco painting away from the primitive influence of Byzantium. The frescoes contained within St. Panteleimon at Nerezi are not seen as static, they had the capacity to change into something more obviously human and realistic, anticipating the West’s emphasis on depicting Christ as a man of flesh and blood by some 150 years. The lamentation of Christ fresco is described as being a fusion of life and death in a single image as Mary movingly mourns Jesus, cradling him between her legs. Graham-Dixon reminds that these frescoes from the 1160s precede Giotto’s similar emotional frescoes from the Arena Chapel in Padua, circa 1305. He concludes „…the Byzantine east played a much more formative role in the development of renaissance art than Vasari was prepared to concede.”   After the tour we’ll head out to dinner in a local restaurant serving exceptional traditional dishes where we’ll have the opportunity to discover and enjoy some of the Macedonian Cuisine and wine.After dinner, we’ll have a transfer to the hotel for overnight.

Today we’ll have a very special and unique adventure ahead of us. After we’ve eaten in the morning we’ll depart towards the Village of Dorfulija. Upon arrival in the village we’ll meet with our local story teller who will guide us through the magnificent road of Hatidze Muratova. On this tour we’ll be able to meet this simple but extraordinary lady, the star from the Macedonian documentary Honeyland and a person that radiates with positive energy and love and that has a very progressive life philosophy that needs to be heard. After the tour intro at the village center we’ll walk towards a local Turkish village household where we’ll be greeted by our hosts. Here we’ll have the opportunity to taste traditionally prepared Turkish tea and the freshly picked seasonal fruits that are growing on their fields. An educative presentation will be held by our hosts. They will tell us about their way of life and their daily routines, about the traditional practices of tobacco growing and drying and the other agricultural practices that are traditionally found in this region. After the presentation we’ll get back to the center of the village where our jeep crew will await us. the adventure continues out of the village via dirt road towards the river of Bregalnica. There we’ll be greeted by our local hosts and we’ll enjoy a picnic lunch made in front of us by one of the local women. On the menu we’ll have a simple but immensely tasty food, homemade pastry and sour milk that is made from the local sheepfold and that will make you lick your fingers and ask for more. After we’ve eaten and rested we’ll refill our bottles with water from the local spring nearby and then we’ll continue towards the Bekirlija Vilage where our heroine Ms. Hatidze will await us. Upon arrival in the village and in Ms. Hatidze’s house a we’ll be warmly greeted and welcomed in Ms. Hatidzes yard. Here we’ll enjoy a Turkish coffee prepared in a traditional way while talking with this extraordinary person. While she teaches us about her way of life and about her noble philosophy through conversation and songs we’ll be able to feel her noble life force and positive energy.As we finish our coffee we’ll also have a unique opportunity to have our future seen in our coffee pots by Ms. Hatidze. After our joyful time here we’ll be sent on our way with a farewell song and wishes for wellbeing. We will hop in our jeeps to get back to Dorfulija Village. Here we will make a brief farewell impression gathering meeting with our local storyteller. Departure towards the nearby town of Sveti Nikole to enjoy lovely traditional dinner in a local restaurant. After dinner we head back to Skopje for overnight.

After our breakfast in the morning, we drive west to the city of Tetovo where we will visit the magnificent Painted Mosque built in 1438. The mosque is a unique and protected masterpiece, a cultural heritage from the Ottoman architecture and art. After we’ve spoiled our eyes with the wonderful drawings inside and out of the mosque, we continue to the National Park of Mavrovo, where we will visit the imposing Bigorski Monastery. This spiritual place is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, a well-respected saint for the Macedonian Orthodox Christians.  One of the most valuable treasures that the monastery holds is the wood carved iconostasis,  considered as one of the finest examples of wood-carved iconostases in the world. After the sightseeing tour we continue our way towards the nearby village of Janche. Here we’ll meet with an extraordinary person and our host, Mr. Tefik who will welcome us warmly. Firstly, we’ll enjoy a lovely traditional lunch with our host who will tell us about his mission and passion in life. As a person that is deeply involved in the slow food movement he’ll have much to say about healthy food gathering and meals production but also about preservice of local gastronomy traditions. His passion for traditional construction with natural materials and old practices will be also shared with us. in Janche we’ll also have the opportunity to see some of the houses he built with natural materials as well.In the afternoon we will drive to the city of Ohrid. Upon arrival we’ll accommodate in a hotel to relax and refresh and then we’ll have dinner in one local restaurant by the lake.

After breakfast today we’ll do a walking tour of the Ohrid Old town which is an inseparable part of the UNESCO protected Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid region. Our tour will start from the Upper Gate, from where we’ll firstly visit the Fortress of Tsar Samoil, then the St Mother of God – Perivlepta monastery, the Plaoshnik archeological complex, the St John Kaneo church, the Antic Theatre and the St Sophia Cathedral. We’ll also visit local paper production & pearl production workshops. All these attractions will paint the picture of the importance and richness of the oldest human settlement in Europe. After the tour we’ll sit and relax for lunch in a lovely restaurant in front of St. Sophia Cathedral or by the lake. After the lunch we’ll embark on a boat from Ohrid port that will take us to St. Naum Monastery port. Upon arrival we’ll do a walking tour of the monastery complex. There we’ll learn about the monastery’s history and the legends revolving around it and we’ll enjoy a dingy boat ride on Drim River springs, which is a mesmerizing place to experience.  After the tour, we’ll return to our boat that will take us back to Ohrid.For the evening we’ll have dinner in a local national restaurant, accompanied with live music and a folklore show.

This morning, after breakfast, we have yet another thrilling adventure. Firstly, we’ll depart to the town of Struga, famous for the world renowned Struga Poetry Evenings festival. Upon arrival, we’ll head to Struga port in order to embark on sailboats and enjoy a ride to a village near to the border with Albania and famous for the best fish dishes in the region, called Radozda. On the way, we’ll firstly make a stop at  Kalishta Monastery in order to visit the two rock churches, part of the monastery complex. There we’ll learn about the miraculous ico of Mother of God in black that has healing powers. After the sightseeing we’ll get back on our sailboats and continue our flow towards Radozda. As we arrive on the village port, we’ll firstly enjoy a lovely fish menu lunch, by the lake, that will most definitely spoil our senses. After we’ve eaten we’ll have a short walk and some stairs up to the Radozda rock churches for sightseeing.  After the sightseeing we embark on our sailboats and head back to Struga. As we disembark on Struga port, we’ll do a short sightseeing walking tour of the city and then we’ll visit a place that keeps and nurtures the spirit of the worldly known Struga Poetry Evenings. The place in question is the privately owned photo gallery of Mr. Dushko, an important citizen of Struga and also an official photographer of the poetry nights for 50 years. In the studio we’ll enjoy some coffee while we learn about this magnificent city and festival through photos and our host and afterwards we’ll read at least one winning poetical masterpiece from W.H. Auden or Allen Ginzberg, both winners of the prestige poetry price. After this tour we head back to our hotel in Ohrid for dinner and overnight.

After breakfast today we’ll be heading into one rural region filed with stories of the past, the future and beautiful people that spread positive energy. The Demir Hisar region is consisted of dozens of villages but we’ll visit three of them. Firstly we’ll visit the village of Zeleznec to enjoy the calming atmosphere by the Crna River springs that are found in the village, and witness the archaic local architecture. Afterwards, we’ll head to the village of Babino where we’ll visit a local village library that holds very important artifacts for the 19th century Macedonian culture and struggle for freedom. The last village that we’ll visit in this region is Sloestica, the birthplace of one of the most prominent contemporary Macedonian poet and writers, Petre M. Andreevski. Upon arrival we’ll first enjoy a very tasty traditional lunch in the local village tavern that also has museum like characteristics because there are historical natural washing machines that’ve been widely used in these wider region in the past. After lunch, we will be guests in one very special place nearby that has been hosting world renowned artists – painters, sculptors and writers for many years now. The place in question is Art Point Gumno, an art colony nestled in the village. Here, our hosts will welcome us with refreshments and will share their story, mission and passion that are of art, culture, sustainable development and wildlife protection in this region. They’re work and projects have influenced the region positively in many spheres, from raising the awareness for wildlife protection to writing a book about the natural healing potential of the plants in the surrounding mountains to incorporating recycling practices to the local community.  Their positive energy and warmth will inspire us all. After this lovely experience we’ll continue towards the city of Bitola. Upon arrival we’ll accommodate in our hotel and have free time at leisure. Dinner in a local restaurant and then overnight in Bitola.

Beautiful morning in the “City of Consuls”. After we’ve had our breakfast we’ll start with a walking tour of the beautiful city with its impressive 19th century facades, in order to learn about its legends, it’s happy stories but also some sad stories like the one about the Jewish community. After the tour we’ll continue towards Dihovo Village, laying under the National Park Pelister. There we’ll be guests in a local honey bee farm where the traditional ways of bee nurturing still lives. There we’ll also learn about the endemic Apis mellifera macedonica, a honeybee found only in this wider area. After the honey story we’ll enjoy traditional lunch there. Before we continue to the Macedonian wine region we’ll make a stop at one archeological site called Heraclea Lyncestis, an antic city built by King Filip II, where we’ll learn much about this regions antic history and where we’ll enjoy the magnificent floor mosaics. As the sightseeing tour finishes, we continue our way towards Demir Kapija. Arrival in one of the local vineries for accommodation, gastronomical enjoyment of dinner with wine tasting and eventually overnight.

After the breakfast at the hotel we’ll do a short sightseeing tour of the winery’s production process accompanied by our hosts. After the tour we depart towards the city of Kavadarci to meet one local woodcarving master at his studio and home. Arriving there, we’ll be warmly greeted by him and his kind family with homemade snaps and home cooked appetizers and we’ll most definitely feel like home. In a relaxed atmosphere, we’ll learn about the woodcarving process and we’ll see Mr. Marjan’s masterpieces. Afterwards we’ll join the family for lunch in their home or yards, depending on the weather. After the lunch and farewells we’ll continue our day towards Stobi archeological. Arrival at the site and start with sightseeing with on spot guide. Stobi was one of the most important administrative, trade and religious centers of the Macedonia region in the Roman and early Byzantine empire and in its archeological finding there are some magnificent floor mosaics that will leave us breathless. After the tour we’ll continue towards Skopje. On our way we’ll make a short stop to visit one contemporary monument near the city of Veles build in honor of the partisans that fought against the German and Bulgarian occupation forces in WWII. After the visit we continue to Skopje. Arrival in Skopje and accommodation in hotel. In the evening we’ll enjoy our last dinner of this tour in a local restaurant in Skopje where we’ll share our experiences and impressions. Overnight in our hotel in Skopje.

After breakfast in hotel, depending on the time of the departure flight, we’ll have free time at leisure until the time for transfer comes or we can have a cable car ride up to the top of Vodno Mountain for a magnificent panorama of Skopje. Farewells and goodbyes with the guide and driver before the departure.


9 nights / sharing a DBL room / 3*/4* hotels.
Note: SGL room is available on request (additional costs apply).

English speaking guide for the entire program.

Note: half board or full board meal plans are available on request (additional costs apply).

Transportation in private car or minibus or bus for the entire program (depending on group size).

Entrance fees to all proposed touristic sites, all local taxes.



International flight tickets are not included.

Travel insurance is not included.

Visa procurement (if needed) is not included.

The following extras are not included:

  • Hotel extras (telephone, Internet, minibar etc.);
  • Drinks (other than mineral water), coffee;
  • Photographing or filming fees at the visited sites;
  • Personal expenses, porterage, tips.


This tour is operated on request only. We are at your disposal no matter if your are an individual interested to take this tour or a tour operator aiming to propose it to your clients.