Bulgaria - a discovery to share

Bulgaria, officially known S the Republic of Bulgaria is a country in the Balkans, west of the Black Sea. Bulgaria boasts sublime beaches on its seaside, lovely churches and winter sport opportunities in its mountains, as well as a unique combination of architectural styles in each of its cities and towns. A medium-sized country (approximately the size of Cuba, Portugal or the US state of Virginia), Bulgaria offers a wide diversity of landscapes, as well has numerous historical sites, each possessing its own unique beauty. Because of this all, there is a great number of tourism opportunities in the country.

Bulgarian cuisine is a representative of the cuisine of Southeastern Europe. It has some Turkish and Greek influences, but it has some unique elements. The relatively warm climate and diverse geography produce excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, beans, herbs and fruits. Bulgarian cuisine is particularly diverse.
When planning your next holiday, consider Bulgaria. You will be AMAZED!